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Is anyone interested in a “Meet the Mod” type thing where we post a little bit about ourselves and then I could put a link to them on my page or something? :p

I mean, I enjoy fangirling with y’all, but I don’t know much about you guys.

my eternal fanfiction 9/the me that’s me is writing right now. forever.


I’m sailing on this ship for eternality. with my sparkly Devektra nails.

AU where Devektra got on the ship (since I’m already on this topic, it was mentioned they flew for a year. did they have showers and clothes and food and beds and everything?)

oh I forgot to tag my last fanfic with loriennetwork :/

and it’s only half of what I wrote so far, I don’t know how I feel about the second part of this fanfic and I don’t know if I’ll continue writing it

Just when I’m about to go on the Loric spaceship, to leave my own planet, to accpent my new and very heavy fate, I hear a voice behind me. A loud shout. I spin around quickly and look on the sad broken remains of Lorien.

"Wait!" The voices hit me. It’s Devektra’s voice, but I can’t see her. How did she survive? I thought the other eight Cepans and the nine Garde are the only people who are alive.

Suddenly, the voice takes shape. I can see Devektra’s tall and slim figure showing up out of nowhere. Surprisingly, she’s running. I notice a few cuts on her arms and a lot of ash on her face. She wips it off herself after my thought reached her.

I didn’t realize the other Cepans turned around as well. I forgot they were even next to me. They wanted the children to get on the ship first. I ignore their questions about who Devektra is and run to her.

Both of us stop when we close the distance and get near to each other. We grab each other by the arms and I stare at her.

"You’re alive," I say the obvious.

"I managed to escape." Devektra answers. She looks nervous and panicked. Well, you can’t blame her. "Let’s go before they will catch us," She moves past me and start to run towards the ship.

"You can turn youself invisible?"

"Yes." I thought she had only three legacies. "No," She reads my mind. "I have five, actually."

After a few seconds we’re standing in front of the ship and the Cepans. They look confused and waiting for an explanation.

"You got to let me in," Devektra doesn’t waste a minute. "I’m the only survivor besides you. You can’t and won’t leave me out." She speaks up fast and sounds so confident. "Because you need every person left." She adds. "We’re losing time, we have to take off." Devektra pushes a few Cepans aside and gets on the ship.

"Who is she?" Brandon, Number Four’s Cepan asks.

"Her name is Devektra and she’s right." I enter the spaceship after Devektra.

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