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The Hidden Enemy






I’ve never seen anyone hate Nine as much as Five does. I just read the hidden enemy and it makes me sick

Calling him an animal and wishing him dead all because of the fantasies he makes up in his own mind. Five is beyond repair and Nine is going to wreck the SHIT out of him…

Just cos you caught us off guard. We’re ready for you now, traitor.

Really, because I thought that the alligator-lizard beasts did all the work…

Five can’t fight one on one cause he knows he’d lose

Yes, because I totally lost when I fought four on one. Using beasts to work for you is a tactic anyone can use. If you lose, don’t blame it on the other person being more ingenious and having better weapons, improve your own game. Losers.

Nice going, Five. You made Nine cry.

lol i was trying to download the ian4 trailer for this thing i’m making and the hyperlink wasn’t working for whatever reason so i kept clicking it and all of a sudden it worked and now i have about 34 copies of the trailer in my folder

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